Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sweetest HH

I am not feeling well....I am having a repeat of my my bridal shower party episode. This is on a smaller scale than what happened that day, but the symptoms are exactly the same. My stomach is really tight, spasming back and forth. I can't keep anything down. I threw up in my classroom today (three times, which was pretty much my entire lunch: 1/3 of a mini pizza). After school, I had to pull over a few blocks from school, and I threw up 6-8 ounces of brownish bile.

HH is out getting me two milkshakes, I wasn't sure which one would taste better, so I had him get me a chocolate and an orange one. He went out earlier to get me Moe's, but I was only able to eat about 10 chips, and a little bit of queso (that came up too). I love my husband. He is so sweet.

We'll see about going to the ER.....I am already taking off tomorrow, but it is booked solid: book fair at my old school (and getting to see my best friend), dentist for the next leg of the crown work to be done, chiropractor, nap, see my friend Mandi, and cooking class.

Today, I was talking with the attendance clerk about my plastic surgery consult. She said that I was very skinny for my height, and I didn't need to lose any more weight. She told me what she weighed, and it blows my mind how close we are in weight!!! I still have a hard time seeing myself as thin.