Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Taking Care of Business....

If only every day was this productive. Why so productive? It was parent-teacher conference day. I had ten scheduled conferences and six parents who actually showed up. I was able to get so much work done.

My Lab results came back in.....

Vitamin D is slightly low
Vitamin A is substantially low
I have to start getting B-12 shots
Iron is holding steady, but at the low end of normal.

I love my regular PCP and how detailed she is.

My flannel jeans came in the mail yesterday, and my shoes came today!

We had bean burritos for dinner, and they were yummy.

Sorry for the short choppy sentences, that is the best I got tonight.

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ChiTown Girl said...

It's nice that your parent/teacher conferences are done during the day. We have to do ours at night. :( But, like you, I usually get a LOT of work done because our parents don't come.