Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm so glad the weekend is here! :) This weekend is actually going to be pretty full, but I only have a three day work week next week, since I am taking off next Thursday and Friday.

Last night's dinner was NOT SO HOT. My loving HH said, "You can't have a homerun every night sweetheart." Nice comforting words, but still....the recipe called for three cans of evaporated milk, and bottom line, the casserole was too soupy. We ate it, and didn't call for Pizza Hut, but forget having any of that for leftovers. Looks can be deceiving....I took a picture of it, and it looks so pretty, but taste wise, nooooooo.

I have a new love in my life: GRAPES. Grapes went away for the longest of times because of how they made my stomach feel. After having WLS, when I tried anything with natural sugars, it torn my stomach up. I felt miserable. Ironically, I could have a Hershey's bar, and feel great....but not strawberries, etc. Even six months ago, I had a few grapes and experienced a bad reaction. For whatever reason, my stomach has decided that it will now tolerate grapes, and I've eaten a ton of them this week.

Im getting can I tell? It is the little things.....We are meeting some friends for dinner at 8:00 tonight, and I decide that I'm going to come home and take a nap before going out.

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