Thursday, October 29, 2009

Survivors and Thrivers

Ok, the first two pictures are randoms I have taken of my students. The first picture is of Tenneal....he is awesome. He actually did this pose earlier, and I had him to reenact it for the camera.

Donya and I:

Ben and I smiling after serving hundreds of hot dogs and bowls of chili:

Nyelah and I:

Andre and I....he about sacked me when he saw me. This is a former student from last year.

I am feeling better, but I could not have come to work today if I had taught the young kiddos. I took it easier on myself, and had the students do a bit more independent work so I could recover some.

HH is making my spider cupcakes. He is coming to our party tomorrow, bless his heart!
My dad asked me to have Christmas at my, no, was my first thought. I despise loaded questions, which was exactly what it was. My brother can't do it because they have sold their home, and are living with the inlaws. My dad and mom have been doing a lot of remodeling at their home, so that is out. My sister really is the best choice because of the amount of space that she has. I called her, and asked her if she would have it at her place. I told her I would make as many dishes as she wants, just please hold the dinner there! Thankfully, she agreed.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Glad you're feeling better, and that you were able to attend the Fall Festival.

Ben is such a doll to make you those cupcakes. You're such a lucky girl!

Yay for getting your sister to agree to host christmas! :)