Monday, July 15, 2013

Start Experiment Day 1

I read Jon Acuff's Start book, and was excited that he offered "The Start Experiment."

We are in subgroups and have been paired with a partner as well.  My goals focus on cooking, and getting back into the swing of memorizing Romans 1, 8, and 12.

My recipe this morning was Strawberry-Maripan Muffins.  They were a FAIL.  Sometimes HH says that I make so many rich things, my tastes are off when something is lightly sweetened.  Not here.  They tasted more like doughy bread.  :(  I'll try again later with something else.

From the book that I'm reading, "A Place at the Table," here are a few quotes I wanted to share:

"We live surrounded by a wealth that defies the imagination of our poorer brothers and sisters, yet we live with the fear that we will never have enough."

"Are you tired?  Frustrated by failures or meaningless tasks?  You might think it is because you are doing too much, but what if it is because you are busy doing all the wrong things?

Last night for the group I prepared:

Raspberry-Almond Bars

Twix Cheesecake Bars

Who Pranked Who?

Our church is a very fun and lighthearted congregation.  Last night we get a strong knock on our window at 9:30.  HH can't see who is out there.  He tells me to go to the back bedroom, and het gets his Smith and Wesson 44 out.  He goes outside to look around.  Turns out it is five young adults from our church!  We had such a good laugh over that.  Now they know if you come to the parsonage after dark, he will answer with a gun if he can't see you.

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