Friday, July 5, 2013

New Friends

There is a newer couple at church we have been wanting to get to know, but haven't really had the opportunity.  We invited them and their daughter to our house the other night for dinner.

Citrus Rice

Crunchy Pea Salad

This recipe was a SLAM DUNK!

Garlic Soup with Chicken

Easy Cherry Tart

After we all had dessert, the couple's daughter started playing with our cats while we were talking.  Later as we were ending things, I noticed that she had eaten all the remaining cherries off the dessert!  I sent her home with a bag of cherries!

My best friend's birthday was Wednesday, and I made her a:

I'll post about 4th of July next.  First, I need to go make a Lemon Sour Cream Pie!

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