Sunday, September 9, 2012

Second Cookie Recipe of the Weekend and a Dinner Recipe


Creole Comfort
This was good, but it was even better on the second day!  I love great leftovers.  :)

Wife Failure of the Night:
I forgot to cook HH dinner.  I was so caught up in making cookies that it slipped my mind!
The other night I dreamt that there was a mountain lion on our screened in porch.  I got really mad at HH for not shutting and locking the screen door in my dream.  We have had mountain lions spotted in our area.
In my never ending quest to hog the bed, HH had to push me to gain some space back in the bed last night.  He says that I said out loud, "You cracked my hip." I mumbled a bunch of other stuff, but that was clearly articulated.

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