Thursday, September 20, 2012

Almost to my 2.5 day weekend!

I can't believe it has been almost a week since I last posted!  We had a great visit with HH's mom last weekend.  We had our normal Friday night activities at the church.  On Saturday, we had a special live event through the internet with one of my favorite speakers, Beth Moore. 
On Sunday, we had church and started our new Bible study by Beth Moore. 
After such a busy weekend, we chilled for the small remainder of our weekend.
Tonight is Parent-Teacher Conferences from 4:00-8:00.  Tomorrow, the students are off, and we have conferenes 8:00-12:00.  I presently have no conferences scheduled for tomorrow, so I hope to get lots done.
(with fun orange sugar crystals for Halloween)
This chili is very mild.  I asked HH if he would have guessed that it had pumpkin in it, and he said no.
My good friend from church requested that I make this for her birthday.
I'm in love with edible eyes.  I must find more fun things to make with these throughout the year.
I was supposed to use kidney beans or cannellini beans, but I only had chickpeas.  I told HH that we had "Hummus Soup."
On a funny note....
I got home from work Tuesday evening, and saw a clean sink.  I smiled and thought to myself, "HH did the dishes.  That was so sweet of him."  About twenty minutes later, I realized that I had done the dishes at 5 AM, and had forgotten!!!

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