Saturday, May 19, 2012

On Organizing....

I just really want to have a closet(s) like Erin at Living in Yellow.  HH just wants to have A closet.  I have an enormous main closet, the guest room closet, and 3/4 of the other closet in our bedroom.  All these clothes will be moving to our basement.  HH will be hauling all these clothes down tonight.

Behold HH's closet....

I organized our wedding photos from Vegas. 

I finished a written final that had been sitting around for almost three weeks.

I wrote thank you notes to a few parents and students who got me gifts.

I mailed my certification paperwork/transcripts.

I mailed back our piece of crap car starter to the dealership in Nebraska.  (We are getting a new one put on when HH takes me back to go to the airport.

We worked on "clearing out" the black hole, aka HH's home office.  We truly made a dent in it.  Go US!

I am eagerly awaiting our pictures from our photo session with the talented Brittany Gills from You & Me Photography.

I'm going to read for the class I'll be teaching in July.

Make an awesome dinner (check back later for this!)

Work on my History of Christian Thought class.

All of this productivity is brought to you by: BEING DONE WITH THE SCHOOL YEAR!!!

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