Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Recap

I had HH take my picture in the lobby of the hospital.  FRESH AWESOME HAIR!  WOOT! WOOT!  I love my stylist, who is the parent of a former student I had.  I cried with her some over things with my sister, and it was very therapeutic. 

HH and I went out with some friends from school to celebrate the birthday of Chris, one of my fab co-workers.  We were total table hogs for almost three hours.

This is Tyrell's cousin.  They have a very close family, and he is going to flip out when he sees that I met her.  I want the ability to accessorize like she has!

Teacher friend Beth, and the birthday boy Chris.

I took a nice nap today, and went to the hospital with HH.  Amber sent me a text message to tell me that Matt had started the "Death Rattle."  She didn't want to say anything out loud, because Matt's mom was there and she would freak out.  I didn't notice anything different when Amber said that, but she was sitting right by his bed, and I'm sure there are many things that she notices because she is a Respiratory Therapist.