Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Banner Day

To say that work has been tough lately would be quite the understatement.  I have felt constantly brow-beaten, and am given new forms to fill out on all my kids weekly (and none of the old paperwork going away).  The compliments have been few and far between.  Today they came in a major way, and it felt DARN good.

The first came from a professor.  Our principal had a major visitor (not going to go into details about the visitor, afraid it would link this blog to my work), and she said he spent half an hour talking about me and things that were going on in my classroom.  That was awesome.  Then at faculty meeting today, we were supposed to bring samples of some work we had done, and I didn't have anything.  It was one of those informal things, yet formal things.  Where you are "strongly encouraged" to do so....The professor who was teaching the faculty meeting used MY materials to give her entire training.  That was pretty awesome.

A classroom victory: my kids scored a 42% on their fractions pre-test six weeks ago.....and we now are at a 94% on the post-test.  WOOO HOOO!!!  Math is my weakest teaching subject, and I've been working hard to make sure they get this stuff.

Best of all:  HH called his mom and my dad and bragged all about it!  It was nice to have that!  :)