Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Spoonful of Sugar....

Makes the medicine go down.....I am starting liquid Potassium, and it is bitter tasting.  At Walgreens, I saw the sign for flavor to be added to your medicine, and I got hooked up with CHERRY!  I am "cutting" the still distinct taste by diluting the tablespoon with Crystal Light fruit punch.

HH is entertaining himself while waiting for our prescription at Walgreens.

Labwork Updates:

Vitamin D: Has gone down 9 points to a 31. :(
Ferritin: Has went from a 12 to a 338!
B12: 445 (Not sure what it was prior)
Vitamin A: Up to .42

We had no AC in (most) of the building on Friday.  We had our staff development in the morning in the gym where there was air.  The afternoon was for us to spend (per our contract) working in our room.  Yeah, not much work could happen because I was so hot that I had a sick feeling all afternoon.  HH was going to meet me at 4, and we were going to work until 7.  I decided that would be a big NO.

I received a ticket to Living Proof Live in Lexington, Kentucky on Friday night, and was so blessed!  There should be a video posted about it soon, and I will share.  It was amazing to be with 11,000 other women.  HH drove me there, then sat at McDonalds and played on the computer for three hours so I could attend.  I really love this man.

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