Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday Thoughts....

I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning.  I let HH sleep in.  I got some great cherry tomatoes, an asiago cheese and roasted red pepper scone (would have never thought of this combination on my own), strawberry bread, and Dad's Favorites Asiago Sun Dried Tomato Spread.  The spread is certainly made of AWESOME! 

We went down to Main Library so we could teach GED classes.  HH and I have one more class to do with this group, and then we will have three new classes that we will teach.  He goes to these classes completely as a volunteer to help me.  He always has the nicest attitude about helping others.

We were supposed to attend my cousin's wedding last night, but my adrenaline had finally crashed from the week....and I was exhausted.  A nice evening at home followed.  :) 

I am going to try to put up some pictures of my students on Monday.  They are so precious!  I have twenty-five.  Depending on how numbers of students are on Monday (which in turn tells us about how many teachers we keep/lose), I may be losing four students.  This would make all the fifth grade classes have the same number of students.  This has been really had for me trying to figure out who would move.  I have only made two decisions.  One is a child who is extremely below grade level (beginning 1st), and would be best with two of our intensive intervention teachers.  Another is a child who I think will do much better if she were away from another child in my room.  The child I am keeping seems to spur her on to pushing the envelope, and I think she can be influenced positively.  I have to make the other decisions on Monday in case they are going to be switching classes.

I am doing this Bible study with a group of ladies at my church on Wednesday nights:

Off to get ready for church. 

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