Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Day!

HH and I finished up our GED class.  There was some drama there with one man who was very rude, even after my husband has tried many times to be helpful to him.  He took out his rudeness on me, when my husband was out of the room.

We came out to a car that wouldn't start.  We replaced the battery on our other car about two weeks ago.  When AAA got there, at first he says we needed a battery, but after letting it run a few minutes, he said we just needed to charge it up by driving around for half hour or so. 

We met our friends Alex and Rachel at a British restaurant called, "The Pub," downtown.

Afterwards, my sweet HH took my picture crossing the finish line at the Iron Man...

He had me pose and repose for this picture.  He had went to ask security if I could pretend like I was running through it, but to no avail.  I am very pleased with this picture! :)

Then it was off to classic movies:

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