Thursday, August 5, 2010

Last Night was AMAZING!!!

My best friend Wendy and I got to hear Rafe Esquith speak!  He is an amazing teacher in LA, who has written There are No Shortcuts and Teach Like Your Hair is On Fire.

He said a lot of reaffirming things, especially reminding us that we are making a difference.  That is hard to see at the end of some days. 

HH and I worked a full day in the classroom yesterday.  It is coming together nicely.  We are back at it today.  I hope to be at a good stopping point by the end of the day.  Then, I have a meeting Friday morning.  I *plan* to take Friday afternoon, Monday, and Tuesday off before we are full swing with four days of teacher meetings.  Then it will be time for the new set of students.  :)

In just plain gross reporting...I met my friend Wendy for an early dinner prior to hearing Rafe speak.  We sat near large windows that overlooked the Ohio.  While we were not in direct sunlight, it was pretty warm where we were sitting.  Towards the end of the meal, I asked for our checks, because I was starting to get overheated.  By the time I got in my car, I threw up almost my entire meal in a plastic grocery bag.  I was just so hot that I got sick.  Yuck!

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Jen said...

Glad you got to hear some inspirational news!

Hope you feel better - the heat can be just awful.