Tuesday, August 31, 2010

R.I.P. Walkman

Yesterday, I was reading Freak the Mighty to my class.  It mentioned "walkman," so I asked my 5th graders who knew what a walkman was.  *CRICKETS CHIRPING*  NOTHING.  I only had a few kids know what a portable CD player was.  WOW.  I. AM. OLD.

We have three undergraduate classes that are being held on our school campus this year.  I am friends with one of the professors so she wanted to use my class to teach her students how to do an interactive read aloud.  (Ok, non teachers the funny part is almost here.)  I make this big deal with my students about how we are going to be part of a real college class today, etc.  The university professor is reading Gordon Parks: No Excuses (per my request).  She asks the students, "Are there any people in your life that just don't accept any excuses from you?"  They turn to their partner on the carpet and talk.  She asks for a few students to share their answers aloud. My precious Erion says, "Well, my momma doesn't take excuses from me.  And I guess when I get older and grow up my wife won't either."  HAHA!!!

HELLO DENVER!!!  I found out today that I was selected to go to the National Council of Social Studies Teacher Conference in Denver, Colorado November 11-14.  All I have to pay for is my food, and the cost to join the council.  SWEET!


Missie said...

I remember when walkmans were the coolest thing. We are getting old! LOL

Have a good rest of your week.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on being selected for the conference in Denver!