Friday, April 12, 2013

Snow Days and Dinner Guests

We had two surprise snow days this month.  I think this happened because I laughed at my principal last year when she was worried that we might not be able to complete our state testing if a spell of snow came in.  Also, on Sunday after church, I told HH it was almost time for him to get those window AC units back out and installed.  

HH in his snow boots:

The time off lead me to being able to read a book that I've been waiting to be delivered to my Kindle for six months.  

I also made:

Bacon Garlic Cheddar Crackers

Toffee Snickerdoodle Rice Krispies (for my friends at the bank)

We had friends over for dinner.  I told HH it had been a bit since we had gotten together with them, and I was missing them.  HH told me how he likes when we have people over to our house, because that is something he didn't get to do a lot growing up.

To add to the crazy adrenaline that we usually have in getting things ready for guests, we had TAXES. I had almost all of our paperwork together (we are so last minute this year), and was only missing our 2012 tax folder.  Each year, the lady who prepares our taxes sends them to us in a special white folder.  I have them all.  HH torn apart our one room that is a catch all.  The room I promised to him we would get clean once and for all this summer.  He came back after about 15 minutes (I'm cooking for our guests), and says he couldn't find it.  I tell him it has to be in there, there is no way I would throw that away.  He goes back to search again.  After another ten minutes or so, he comes back out and says, "A thought occurs to me, since we haven't filed our 2012 taxes yet, could it be that we are looking for the 2011 folder."  

Sigh.  "Yes, I say."  It was in the very first place I looked before I enlisted HH's help.  He was so happy to have found it, and wasn't upset in all the wasted looking.  Love him.

Black Bean, Chicken, and Pineapple Enchiladas

Sweet Onion Cornbread

Cookie Butter Bars

An answer from one of my student's papers:

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