Monday, October 4, 2010

Update on BIL

I went into work early (today was teacher meeting day), and got my stuff ready.  I took off.  HH and I went to the hospital, where we stayed for about five hours.  I was glad to be able to come during the day, as that is when a "lull" in visitors usually happens.  HH stayed in Matt's room quite a bit.  It took a bit for me to get used to, but I ended up in the room probably five times.  My sister is in good spirits.  He is breathing around a 24.  The ventilator will give him 12 breathes a minute, so that means he is doing the other on his own.  His respiratory rate changes when we talk about his children.  He did flinch his legs twice while they were trying to get a pain response from him (they pinched him to see if he would respond).  The doctors are happy at the level of swelling.

My dad is asking my sister all kinds of questions.  I know someone has to think about logicistics, etc....but give her a week.  Lets see that he makes it to the end of the week.  My dad went to the wrecked car to get some things out of the trunk, and he said he couldn't believe that he survived.  There was a good bit of blood in the car, and from how he saw it, it appeared as if Matt's side of the car took the bulk of the hit.

Please also pray for my brother.  He is feeling a lot of guilt because he didn't really like Matt all that much.  We are all hurting in our own way.

I'm getting ready to pick up ChiTown Girl!  Wooo Hooo!  I don't feel bad about not being at the hospital, because I know many people are going to come up after they get off work this evening.

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