Sunday, October 24, 2010


I promise I'm going to stop writing these mass messages about what has been going on in our life, but here is yet another one!

On Friday, we went to the hospital, and then to a Beat-Nick Poetry Night.  We were trying to find their house, and HH thought he recognized the truck of a friend.  We walked into the wrong house.  Ha!  We did make it to the right house the second time!  It was good seeing some old friends.  Some people had some really deep poetry...not me.  I kept it all light.  I was proud to support some great elementary school poetry!

Saturday we taught GED, then went to Alex and Rachel's house.  Rachel has been sick, and she needed some help cleaning.  HH really dug his hands in and cleaned for a long time.  I ran out of steam long before he did.  Rachel called around 10 and asked if we could come over.  I had this major freaking out in my mind.  Let me explain...

I am a very structured person.  I really like schedules and a sense of normalcy.  In my job, they always expect us to be so flexible...there seem to be two or three unexpected things that come up each week.  I have to roll with the punches.  Within my classroom, we have certain times that are never intruded upon: Guided Reading for example...runs like clockwork.

Ok...back to yesterday's revelation.  I like my weekends and evenings following the mental plan I have.  When things change, I get really cranky.  I let it ruin the rest of my day, instead of just embracing the change.  I have to learn some flexibility.  This will help spare my sanity. 

My BIL has been moved to the stroke floor.  This floor is less intensive than the ICU, but more intensive than being admitted traditionally.  He is now in a semi-private room.  He is still battling fever and infections.  They are trying to locate the source of the infection.  The doctors had mentioned that in a few weeks he may be moving to a brain injury rehab facility, even if he is not out of a coma yet.  I was really leary of this, but after talking with some people, I could see how this would be a good asset for his recovery.

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Missie said...

I'm very structured too. I have certain things I like to do at certain times. I don't like my OCD quirks getting interrupted. LOL

I'll keep your BIL in my prayers.