Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BIL Update...

This post is written by Tiffany's husband- the one she calls "HH".

Matt's condition is stabilizing, and he is getting better by the day.  He is still comatose, of course, but that is to be expected.  It is probably good that he remains unconscious, since he would probably be screaming if he were awake.

His temperature, which was extremely feverish, has gone down to almost normal.  The pressure on his brain is roughly half of what it was yesterday.  His wounds, though numerous, are healing without any infection.  When a tape recording of his children is played near him, his vital signs show that he becomes very excited (we don't do that very often, since he doesn't need to be excited right now).  When he is pinched, he moves his arm up in an attempt to stop the pinching.  But the best news has come in the last 24 hours.

Matt has begun shifting his arms around without any stimulation from anybody.  Maybe he's dreaming.  Maybe he's adjusting himself to get more comfortable.  Maybe anything.  But I know he wasn't doing it before.

Also, the nurses report that he is coping much better with being moved.  Actions that once produced a life-threatening change in his vital signs are now barely causing any disturbance.

Also, the doctors have turned down Matt's ventilator-because he doesn't need it as much as he did!  His body is definitely recuperating.

Lots of people are praying for the healing of his body, and also the salvation of his soul.  The prayers seem to be being answered.  I hope you will add yours to the ones that have already been offered.


ChiTown Girl said...

Thanks for the update, Ben. I'll continue to pray for Matt's recovery.

Ice Queen said...

This is good news, indeed. I hope that he continues to recover and heal.

Bandita Senorita said...

Count me in on the prayers!

Gina said...

Pray for Matt. I know how it is to have a very close family member ill.