Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rachel's Baby Shower

I wanted to do a baby shower for my friend Rachel.  She wanted a penguin theme, and I was able to pull it off thanks to Etsy!  

HH did EVERYTHING for the shower.  I was feeling awful!  He made the angel food cupcakes, cleaned up, and made me rest.  I simply could not have done it without him.

He made this delicious Banana Nutella Cake for potluck today.  I thought it looked so pretty, that we should leave the frosting off.  I stayed home and rested so I could be ready for the baby shower.

I'm also going to participate in Ann Voskamp's Romans Project.  I am pretty intimidated because it is a lot of memorization, but it is broken down.  I do have the added advantage of having a husband who was a theater major in undergrad, and will help me memorize my lines.

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