Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland came to the Rez this week.  :)  I had ten students participate (some are my math group, my homeroom, and my afterschool kids.)  I was very impressed in what they could do in four days!

I made the "I'm Lucky to Have You" St. Patrick's Day surprise for HH.  Of course it is from The Dating Divas!  I really like St. Patrick's Day, and miss going to Molly Malones back in Louisville and the parade.  I love that it is EASY to list reasons that I am lucky to have HH.

We drove to a nearby town to have lunch together today.  That was really nice, and the fact that it was 70 degrees didn't hurt either.  :)  I told HH that I was struggling some because there is "School Us" (He helps after school with all the activities, and we are fortunate that he gets paid to be my helper.), and there is "Church Us"....and sometimes I just want "Us Us."  :) 

There is a good chance I am going to get to complete one of my life-long drive a combine tractor!  HH talked with a farmer he knows, and he said that I could, but it probably wouldn't be until late July or early August.  This is going to be awesome.

Our hot water is messed up.  We have it, but we have almost NO water pressure (it has never been great).  We will be taking showers at the church in the evenings until this is fixed.  A plumber is being called on Monday, but it may take a bit before they are able to get here.  At least we have a place to shower at. 

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