Sunday, January 15, 2012

Joy Dare

We are having laptop problems (as in it needs to be replaced), and I am starting classes (I need two classes to keep my SD teaching license), but I am going to try to post my pictures from the Joy Challenge over at A Holy Experience.

I started late, but yesterday I took a picture of three gifts...

Something Old

This is my grandmother's chest.  She got it in 1945 when my grandfather got out of WWII.  I received it when I graduated college in 2001.  I love this chest, and hope to be able to pass it down to one of my children.

Something New

I had a cool picture of the wind blowing across the prairie, but my iphone is not cooperating. 
Something Blue

Again, IPhone issues....I had this large blue paperweight that looks like a gem that sits on my desk.  HH gave it to me while we were dating. 

My "Destination Imagination" Girls...

These girls are so much fun, and hard workers.  I was in DI when it was called "Odyssey of the Mind."  We have to create a movie trailer as part of our prepared challenge.  They are practicing for their instant challenge in the picture above.

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