Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First "Snow" Day

Yeah, today is my first "snow" day.  Or shall we say windchill is predicted to be -25 to -35.  There is some law in SD that says you can't be in school when it is that cold.  Heck, maybe the buses won't even crank over at that point.  We have kids that are picked up 80-90 miles ONE WAY to come to school.  So how did I find out about there not being school....viral.  I saw ONE post on Facebook.  I start trying to confirm it by logical means such as the local TV station, our school's website, our teacher website for grades/plans/attendance, our school answering machine, and the bus garage.  No DICE.  I call the local public roads department, and they say we are closed.  I also check with the grocery store, and our local gas station...both say we are closed.  My phone tree person did not call.  Grrr....

I love having my satellite radio, and I discovered this group on The Highway station:

I've started looking on the internet for our "next" thing.  I have decided we must ABSOLUTELY go to a concert at Red Rock Amphitheater!  They have a ton of big hit people, just waiting for the new schedule to come out!  We are only eight hours from this awesomeness!!!

I have made an appointment to get HH and I's pictures made in the Black Hills in May.  We want some outdoors shots.  Ok, I want some outdoors shots, and he is willing to go along with me and do this.  There are so many gorgeous places to have your picture taken there.  My family didn't take a lot of formal pictures together, and while I really appreciate the candid ones, I do want to be in a regular practice of taking formal (nontraditional) pictures together.  You and Me Photography is going to do our shoot!

My niece Kate has had some developmental difficulties with speech.  She is 2 1/2, and yesterday she said her first sentence!!!  She was at the dentist and she said, "I want to go home now."  Poor baby girl! 

I'm going to relax for a bit, then try to do two lessons for my New Testament class, and one assignment for my maintaining my certification classes.  I will have to go up to the school today and plan.  I have training the next two days and need to get everything in order there.  Now, I will nap.  :)

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ChiTown Girl said...

Hey there, lady! I was gonna email you when I got home, but I'm here now, and my old brain probably won't remember to do it later!!

CSJ just found out he may have to go to SD for work in the near future. I got a little excited, and told him I hope he DOES have to go, cuz them I'll be tagging along! I probably should even be mentioning it, without really knowing, but I figured why should I be the only one who gets her hopes up, right? hahahaha! Keep those fingers crossed!