Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Compression Legwear....yeah, I'll be sporting it!  I have a pair on right now.  It was oh so expensive at the medical supply store.  (My first $72.01 pair of pantyhose.)  Now that I know my size (I needed to be fitted at the medical supply store), I can order future pairs online.  I have quite a bit of swelling.  This started prior to my surgery, but having the surgery has not helped my swelling.  I had appointments scheduled for a kidney specialist and endocrinologist, but by the time I could see them, we would have moved.  I'm good with staying on top of my health, and will get appointments with new specialists when we are settled in.  My PCP ran bloodwork and a 24 hour urine screen, and I have no alarming problems now.  She just wanted someone else to take a further look. 

I went back to see the plastic surgeon today.  I got stitches removed, and one of my two drains removed.  The other drain will come out on Friday.  I received a binder to wear over my compression garment.  I feel very secure now.  :)  I am released to drive. 

HH is off to his yearly Mayo Clinic appointment.  I wanted to go with him, but considering I am recovering, I think it was best that I didn't.


ChiTown Girl said...

yay! One drain down, one to go. :)

Sounds like you're coming along in your recovery. I'm so glad you haven't been troubled by any complications.

Bandita Senorita said...

Yikes! Those hose are expensive. I'll have to remember to take out two loans if I ever get plastic surgery--one for the surgery and one for the hose! LOL!

I wish you didn't have to deal with swelling, but I'm glad you are on the other side....it should only keep getting better and better from here.

I hope your husband's appointment goes well too!