Saturday, June 4, 2011

Graduation Pictures

This was the best graduation was the best of the three years I have been at my school.  Things were going very good.  We had done rehearsal two different times.  During the ceremony one of my students went to the podium.  I didn't catch on for a second, I just knew that this was not part of the rehearsal.  She spoke about what I had meant to her this school year.  It was very touching.

Below is a former student of mine, now an 8th grader!

My future engineer!!

This boy has so many cute quirky qualities.  All year long I told HH that if we had a child, he would be just like this boy.

This is the girl who gave a speech about me, and what I had meant to her.

I am so proud of how much improvement this young man has made.  He is going to do BIG THINGS!

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