Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clothing Memories

Does anyone else have vivid memories associated with a particular item of clothing? Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day unpacking the master bedroom. I probably would have completed it but help came for the kitchen, and I had to shift gears.

I've been the same size for a little over two and a half years now. As I was putting away clothes, I started having memories about some of the clothing items. There is a green and white polka dot dress that I wore to a bridal shower. It still fits, but everytime I pull it out to consider wearing it, I ultimately put it back. Here is why: I was horribly sick that day, and ended up needing to spend several hours in the ER. I think somehow mentally my brain associates that dress with bad times.

My favorite is the shirt I wore on the day that HH and I got engaged. I only wear it once or twice a year because I want to keep it looking nice for as long as I can.

I am going to finish the master bath while HH is still sleeping. Then I am unpacking my fun new kitchen appliances. I am tired at the end of the day, but it feels great to see things start to look a little bit more like home.

Last night at church HH decided that he should tell everyone about himself and give his testimony. HH has a natural comedic side. During part of the story he mentions that he would preach weekly at the dementia ward in a local nursing home. He segways from that to saying, "And then I met my wife.". One of the congregation members didn't miss a beat and replied, "In the dementia ward?".


ChiTown Girl said...

Sweetheart, I hope you aren't overdoing it. You KNOW you just had major surgery, right? Please be careful. I know you're excited about settling in, but don't hurt yourself.

The dementia ward? Really? THAT'S hilarious!

Bandita Senorita said...

Good luck with your unpacking (but not doing too much of it too soon as CTG mentioned above)!

And I hope to get to meet you and your hubby one day. Y'all seem like a great couple. :)