Sunday, May 8, 2011

Vitamin Organization

I take a lot of vitamins.  It's not really bad at all, I've become used to it.  What I've struggled with is finding a container system that I liked to help with the process.  I've bought several different types of container systems.  Then I struck paydirt watching this You Tube Video:

I was in love when Amazon delivered my very own to the door:

I love my Med Center 31 Day Organizer!!!  It did take me almost an hour to sort out my medications, but now I am ready to go for a MONTH!  That is awesome.  The only downfall is that I thought I ordered the "jumbo" boxes, and I only ordered the large.  I am able to make it work now, but I may have to upgrade.  If you are thinking of buying this for an elderly relative, I would not advise doing so.  The containers were a bit hard to open and close.  I can imagine that this would pose a much bigger problem if the elderly adult is trying to give themselves the medication.

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