Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Progress

of turning our house into a pastor's home.

I'm order the remainder of my china set.  I love my pattern.  I got seven complete pieces for my wedding, but want to finish out the set.  My set is completely dishwasher/microwavable/freezer safe too.  The swirls are in chocolate.

I also need two additional comforter sets.  I am going with this comforter set and this one.  (Sorry, I couldn't post pictures from Target's website.)  HH says the first one looks "busy" (he loves PLAIN on anything), and I told him he wouldn't see it much, as it would be in the guest room.  For the second quilt, I went for the quilted option. 

We are also getting a big deep freezer.  This is to help out with grocery costs.  The closest Wal-Mart is 90 minutes away.  Sams Club is three hours.  There is a local grocery store, but costs are significantly more expensive.  I want to buy as little as I can from there each week. 

HH is going with me to look at curtains today too.

This week's packing plan (so far):

Sunday night:  HH and I are going to pack up several boxes (at least nine) of things that we no longer will need until after the move.  I'm thinking winter coats, most linens, some winter clothes, and shoes.

Monday morning:  HH has to take my mom to the airport early.  He is going to drive me over to school and we will be there when the building is open.  I hope he can get 8-10 boxes packed.  We are starting with things that I have in my bathroom, and a few other small things in the room.  I'm not quite ready to tell my darlings that I won't be back next year (even though they are going to sixth grade).  This should be about the amount of boxes he can get into our car (we could have more if we cleaned it out a bit better).

Tuesday morning:  HH is taking my sister and the guy she is dating to the airport super early.  He is going to repeat yesterday morning.  I'm also going to have him arrive at dismissal to pack up more boxes while I am in staff meeting.  This will make for a double load on Tuesday.

Where are all these lovely school boxes going?  Our living room of course.  My school is being closed for a new roof at the end of the last teacher work day.  I have no access to our building.  I would just have the movers go pick things up in the other location, but that is not feasible.

Thursday night:  I would like to set a goal of packing at least eight more boxes from our house.

We want to keep the weekends cleared up from doing a lot of moving stuff so we can visit with our friends and family.


ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, I'm tired just thinking about all that. :( I don't EVER want to have to pack up this house and move, so I guess they're gonna have to bury me in the backyard, cuz I ain't goin' nowhere!

Ummm...your sister is dating someone? Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Do you guys like him? Do you want me to stop being so damn nosy?

Bandita Senorita said...

I hate moving. Ugh! I think it's great that you are leaving the weekends open for visiting though.