Saturday, May 28, 2011

She's Packing HEAT!

I'm the proud owner of a gun and tazer!  We were going to take the concealed weapons course here, but based on the advice of my BFF's husband, he said we would be best to take it there.  (There is a chance we might have to recertify, etc.)

We made lots of grown up purchases yesterday.  It is really clicking that we are moving!

HH and I made a decision after talking with the plastic surgeon.  I am only going to have the Lower Body Lift done this summer.  There are so many variables that would have to line up in order for me to have the second surgery of two procedures.  My surgeon's biggest concern is that my hemoglobin will not be at a safe enough level to merit having the second surgery.  I am going to give it a full year, then next June have the other two procedures done.  He said that he will test my hemoglobin and Potassium (I'm struggling with keeping that up) on the morning of surgery.  If they are not where he wants them, he will cancel the surgery.

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