Thursday, November 22, 2012

How We Got to Have a Mexican Fiesta for Thanksgiving...

Make no mistake that HH and I walk to a beat of a different drum.  Last week I decided that I'd really like to do a "Mexican Fiesta" for Thanksgiving.  This marks our first Thanksgiving that WE are in charge of.  The holiday is too short for us to go visit our families, so we are blooming where we are planted.

I decided that I would have my class vote on whether we should have a "Mexican Fiesta" or a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  The kids got all into it.  I won by a narrow margin.  HH said that of course I won because I made his idea sound lame.

Here is a picture of HH writing the appeal email to my students:

Dear Friends,
I am delighted to learn that a second vote is going to be cast today, for the determination of what Mrs. F and I will be eating this Thursday.  I hope you will allow me to present a sales pitch for our having a traditional thanksgiving meal-or as I like to call it, a good old-fashioned thanksgiving turkeystravaganza.
First of all, let me explain what a meal like this involves.  We're talking turkey.  Light and dark meat.  We're talking about mashed potatoes.  With gravy.  We're talking pie.  Pumpkin.  Cherry. It doesn't really matter, so long as it's hot and sweet, and closed up in a thin flaky crust.  And most importantly, we're talking Stovetop stuffing.  Stovetop, people!  That jewel of North American side dishes, whose flavor is so utterly fantastic as to make my mouth water as I write these words.  The thanksgiving turkeystravaganza is more than a meal.  It is an experience.  It is a tradition.  It is the feast of kings!
I realize that a mexican fiesta sounds good.  I love mexican food.  I eat it whenever I get the chance.  But it is for this very reason that I don't want to eat it now.  Because this is a special occasion, it is only right that we eat foods that we are not normally used to eating.  And I never get the chance to eat turkey at any time of the year, except on Thanksgiving.  So please-I beg of you, don't take this away from me.  When the time has come, cast your vote for the thanksgiving turkeystravaganza.  And once you have done so, know that you have my undying gratitude.  
Ben F

I was able to convince my students to not be charmed by his words, and THE MEXICAN FIESTA WON!!!

Here is how we decorated for our three guests:

This one says, "Gather Together & Give Thanks"

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