Sunday, March 20, 2011

Vote Please!!!

HH and I are having lunch at Jason's Deli.  HH is not into anything but white or blue dress shirts.  He is stepping out of the box with three shirts his mom and I picked out.  He agreed to wear it out in public today.  I wore my new maxi dress.  (Shout out for dresses that feel like you are wearing PJs....this is probably why I own six of them!)  I have started a facebook pole to show HH that people think this shirt looks good on him.  Please leave a comment here to show some support for HH stepping out of his comfort zone with clothing.

Free Ice Cream Cones!!!

Rachel and I looked so cute, we decided to capture the moment.

HH is going to tackle the Italian Wedding Cake Cupcake while driving....I got a Texas Milk Chocolate Cupcake.  Yes, today was a two cupcake happens.


Anonymous said...

HH looks great in that shirt!


Bandita Senorita said...

Way to go, HH! :) And I'm jealous of the cupcake and icecream!!! :)

Ginger said...

What a fantastic color for him! Wow, what a great smile, too! Vote YES on the new shirt! Look forward to more colors!

Annelies said...

Love the shirt, nice smile too!!

maren said...

Excellent choice! I vote Yes! Green is the new blue. :)

Lauralee said...

that icecream looked yummy

ChiTown Girl said...

Ok, you know I don't Facebook, so I'll leave my vote here:

YES to the new shirt! That's one of my favorite shades of green.

I want a cupcake now. Thanks.