Saturday, March 5, 2011

Festive Friday

We started out at 732 Social.  We were there before they opened, but they let us come in early.  I loved the music and the atmosphere of this restaurant.  It was also not too loud as the Friday crowd picked up.

I am a lover of mac and cheese.  This is probably number two in the best I've ever ate.  The first being lobster mac and cheese.  You just can't top that.  I didn't share any of this.  It was lovely.

Short Ribs....mmmmmm

Picture with my HH: Priceless

The exhibit was nice, I just wish that we were enough city to attract big exhibits.  We always seem to get the "leftovers" and smaller exhibits.

I am loving RUFFLES.  I have three tops with ruffles on them.  I'd like to get a few headbands too.  They make me feel ultra cute. 

On Dating Your Spouse:

Let the phone calls go.  It never fails that when we are out on a date we will get a call from one of our parents or my best friend.  HH and I just came out of a season with my BIL where we had to answer every phone call, not knowing if we were going to receive "the" news.  We are out of that season now.  I do check voicemails, but I think it is important to show your spouse that your time with them is sacred and protected.  So many times I can't give HH my full attention, but on our date nights I need to make extra effort.

Awaiting us at home in the mail was a lovely jewel from LG&E:

Our bill saying we owe $660.  Remember back in December when we had the whole discovery that we had been paying the electricity for another condo for six years?  Well, the bill has been reconciled, and that is what we owe.  I don't think it is fair that we have to pay it, but it would take more money to fight it than to simply pay it.  So, I am reluctantly paying it.  I did set it up on a 24 month payment plan, so that works out to not being too bad on the budget.

I am leaving you with a link by another blogger called, "I Don't Want to Be a Teacher Anymore."  My heart broke as I read this woman's essay, and just how much a system can break a person down.  I related to so much of this article.  It is a length piece, but please give it a read, even if you are not in education.

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ChiTown Girl said...

Wow, that dinner looked AWESOME!!

I LOVE that picture of you and Ben. You two are the King and Queen of silly pictures. Ok, well Ben just might be the Emperor!

I read that essay earlier in the week, and I can't say that I disagree with what she wrote. And, yes, it IS sad.