Saturday, March 7, 2015

Reclaiming Your Time in the Busy of Life

I'm really not much of a fiction reader.  This is especially true of Christian fiction.  I try to avoid it like the plague, with the exception of Ted Dekker.  I downloaded Angels Walking, and fell for it instantly.  I was sad to find out the next book doesn't come out until next month, and that the series has a total of four books.

I'm also reading...

I started reading The Fringe Hours during an assembly.  This book is GREAT!  Here are a few quotes.  

"Just because they are good things doesn't mean they are good for you, for right now (or even ever).  To not allow the stress of too many "good" things to invade our lives and steal our joy, we have to learn how to say no, prioritize, or eliminate things entirely."

"Learn from those seasons (when you have overbooked yourself).  Once you come out the other side, ask yourself what you would have done differently."

"If what you do doesn't matter to you, it's not really going to matter to anyone else.  Work to fill your life with things that matter."

"This 'pleasing everyone to the point of emptiness' is a reality for many women."

For Lent...

Kookie Cookies

Green Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars

S'mores Krispies Treats

Raspberry Lemon Squares

Oreo Crumb Cake with Chocolate Cream Frosting

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